Sunday, January 20, 2008

the patagonia trip: Aftermath

Sweet rest and celebration!  We woke up late and prepared a wonderful meal of fried polenta, chorizo and coffee, then of pasta, sauce, olives and our bottle of red wine.

Later, we got to meet the South African team who had success on the Central Tower yesterday, who had already climbed the North by the Monzino. Their leader, Alod, had bird-like features, was tall, skinny and had the mannerisms of an English officer, reminiscent of a character from Lawrence of Arabia. Then there was Duod, Maryanne, with blond dread locks, Voytek, and the less experienced girlfriend of Alod, Shilly, whom we met a couple times near their advanced BC amidst the talus fields.

"Did you climb the summit boulder?" Voytek asked casually when we recanted tale of our ascent by the campfire.

We told him what happened and he told us that the boulder was indeed climbable, and not even that difficult. You just have to get up close to see the face holds.

You have got to be kidding me.

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