Monday, January 14, 2008

the patagonia trip: Founding Fathers

We took another rest day today.  My appetite has returned closer to normal and I have become a little anxious to get going. Dave is still limping and my heel is still tight, but I am confident it will get better soon.  I'm less confident and a little worried about Dave's knee.

It was very nice to speak with Laura his evening, even if it did cost an arm and a leg.

We also had the fortune to see a presentation by Derek Walker, who was part of the first ascent team on the Central Tower.  It was strange that on our first time here we got to meet one of the founders, so to speak, or the park.

 It was Derek's expedition with the great Don Whillans and Chris Bonnington that named many of the peaks here, including El escudo, Fortulessa and El Tridente--the trident, sword and shield of ol' brittanica--which have been keeping us company in Valle Silencio.

What was strange to me that Derek hadn't been back to the park since their team's momentous success.  We were getting to be a part of his homecoming.

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